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 Welcome to our website: We specialize in Grumman Cougar Parts and Refurbishing.
Dear Cougar (GA7) Owner:

My name is Marc Paquin, founder and owner of Cougar Aircraft Inc. (CAI). CAI specializes in parts and refurbishing of the Grumman Cougar (GA7). We know the Cougar inside out. In 2005, CAI acquired from its original owner serial # 54 formerly N767GA, now N90QX. (see for sale). Over several years refurbished 90QX (see pictures). Our refurbishing process included, new interior, new avionics, engines, new wiring, new baffles, all new components...

In April 2009, CAI purchased from Fletchair, Comfort, Texas (David Fletcher owner) all the remaining and original manufactured parts for the Cougar. We have an extensive inventory of sheet metal parts included ribs, brakets, etc..and landing parts in their original packaging. We also have a limited stock of some plastic parts. We do NOT carry any electro-mechanical parts

CAI completed the molds for all the exterior and interios plastic part (e.g. wing tip main and elevators, rudder, wings and engine fairings, and interior parts. Parts are made from fiberglass or thermoforming equipment. All material is FAA grade.

Marc Paquin
FAA licensed A & P